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Governor's Office

Aneta Krstevska, Chief Economist

Internal Audit Department

Dragana Vukobrat, Chief Internal Auditor

Museum of the National Bank

Library and Archive of the National Bank

Human Resources Department

Division of Supervision, Banking Regulations and Financial Stability

Milica Arnaudova-Stojanovska, General Director     Curriculum Vitae

Financial Stability and  Banking Regulations Department

Department of Off-Site Supervision and Licensing

Department of On-Site Supervision

Sector of Monetary Policy, Research and Statistics

Anita Angelovska-Bezhoska, Vice Governor  Curriculum Vitae

Monetary Policy and Research Department

Statistics Department

Sector of Financial Market Operations and Payment Systems
Maja Kadievska-Vojnovic, Vice Governor  Curriculum Vitae

Financial Market Operations Department

Payment Systems Department

Financial, Accounting and Control Department

Sector of Cash Management and Information Technology
Fadil Bajrami, Vice Governor  Curriculum Vitae

Banknotes Department

Information Technology Department

Central Services Sector
Janche Lekovski, Secretary General  Curriculum Vitae

Legal Affairs Department

Public Procurement Department

Technical Maintenance, Security and Archive Department